My nickname in high school was Mars, like Mars Blackmon from She’s Gotta Have It. There are two reasons why I was called Mars. The first was because I would day dream in class and my teacher would ask me if I was on another planet. The second reason is in the movie Shes Gotta Have It, one of the main characters names is Mars Blackmon. He from Brooklyn, loves the Knicks and wears flashy colors, normally orange and blue. My teacher one night came to my room at the military school to give me my home work when I was sick and he saw my digital picture frame and it had a lot of pictures of me in my Knicks gear and I had the big glasses and my family in from New York. I’m very animated when I talk, I like to think I’m funny as well and I’m obsessed with the Air Jordan Brand so I stuck with the nickname and it seemed to fit.

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